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„Hansel and Gretel“

„Hansel and Gretel“, based on the Brothers Grimm

Drama Puppet theater Pazardzhik

Playwright – VladislavDjambazova
Director – VladislavDjambazova
Designer – Iva booms and IvayloNikolov
Composer – Vladimir Djambazov
Cast: Konstantin Kostadinov, Ralitsa Stoyanova, ChavdarBozadjiev

From everywhere tempting sugar houses and mock friends are enticing us. Frank charlatans promise us a life full of pleasures.

The magic word is „money“.

Are we going to save us? From whom does it depend?

A tale about the cost of compromise.


DPT “K. Velichkov”- Pazardzhik
Pazardzhik4400, 1 K. Velichkov
+359 87 824 5002

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