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„The disciple of the Tiger“

„THE DISCIPLE OF THE TIGER“ – square spectacle-tale

ZHAR Theatre, Sofia

Based on the idea of ​​Francesco Lucio Pileggi

Authors – Elena Papp and PlamenGeorgiev

Cast: David Kolev,DanchoKolev,PlamenRadev, TsvetelinaBlagoeva-Radeva, Diana Petrova, ZhanIliev, Lucio Pileggi – Italy, Francesca Loda – Italy – volunteer from European Voluntary Service of program „Erasmus +“ of EC

From the beginning of time good and bad are fighting in the world. But in times of trouble people are not alone and helpless.

A hero lives in every child. Such a hero is the young disciple of the Tiger. Armed with a big heart and stubborn temper, is he going to succeed to banish the demons and save the people?

ZHAR Theatre– Sofia
+359 885701741

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