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„The Little Granny Yaga”

„The Little Granny Yaga” by Emilia Malenova

State Puppet Theatre – Targovishte

Director – MonikaUgrenova
Scenography and costumes – Natalia Gocheva
Music – TsenkoMinkin
Cast: Milen Aleksiev, Borislav Terziiski, Dimitar Karaivanov

She is only 127 years old – very young for a true witch. Exactly one year must pass until she has the right to deal in magic – one year until she becomes good. Will she hear the voice of the meek and the poor so she can become a good witch?

State Puppet Theatre – Targovishte
Targovishte7700, 35 Hristo Botev Str
+359 601 65085, +359 878 194002

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