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„The story of a man and his shadow“

The story of a man and his shadow“

… black and white commix with real actors …

Principo Ativo Teatro – Italy

Author – Giuseppe Semeraro

Producer – Giuseppe Semeraro

Original live music – Leone Marco Bartolo

Lighting Design – Otto Marco Merkanto

Cast: Giuseppe Semeraro / shadow, Dario Cadey / lonely man, Leone Marco Bartolo / guitar


An ordinary man comes out of the dark and begins to build his life around an invisible house. An uninvited guest intrudes on his space and slowly changes the routine of our thoughtful hero. The guest, funny and frightening, destroys the reigning harmony. This is the eternal fight between light and dark: who will win? – ask the actors in this black and white comic strip with irony, kindness and elegance.


Principio AttivoTeatro mob. +39 366 40 48 647
Raffaella Romano mob. +39 327 73 72 824 | skype: raffa.r

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