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„To put it mildly“

„To put it mildly“ by Valery Petrov

State Puppet Theatre Burgas

Director – Leonard Capon

Scenography and costumes – Krum Krumov

Composer – VeselinKoychev

Cast: Alexandra Eneva, Dian Rusev, Rumyana Kraleva, Ivaylo Enev, Delyan Kiossev,Georgi Minkov


„… Everything has been a dream, dream, fantasy, game.“

Animals start to speak: the dog becomes rescue-dog; the turtle – Fracer; the woodpecker – professor, and the mole – boss of the underworld.

Objects come to life:a bed can flyoff, pillowsare clouds, trails, mountains and snowdrifts.

People change: the cruel and unforgiving becomes kindhearted and meek, the foolish one is now wise, and the ugliness turns into beauty… Will the lie become truth?


State Puppet Theatre Burgas
8000, 2KlimentOhridski
59 888 33 80 40

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