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The Secret of The White Lotus, „FIRE“ Theatre – Sofia

„FIRE“ Theatre – Sofia

„The Secret of The White Lotus“

Authors and Visual Environment – Elena Papp and Plamen Radev

Script – Elena Papp, Plamen Radev, Diana Petrova, David Kolev

Music – Yordan Vladev


A metaphorical visual poem about the hidden forces of life that lift us every time we have let darkness and fear into our hearts. The forces that help us and fill us with hope, joy and love.


At a time when the World has come under the power of dark and cruel creatures – in a hidden corner, far away from roads and paths, a bright white lotus opens its petals. The Lotus Priestesses, whose calling is to take care of the lotus, dance around it. White horses – beautiful and powerful bright creatures – gather around the lotus to draw strength and life from its magical juice. These are the last free creatures of the light. Will they survive and disperse their kindness and light in the world, or the darkness will defeat them …

Duration: 30 min.

Recommended for children and adults







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