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Town Musicians of Bremen, Kardzhali

Theatre and Music Centre – Kardzhali

„Town Musicians of Bremen“

Original dramatisation and directing – Leonard Capon

Stage design and costumes – Virginia Petkova

Music – Veselin Koychev

Participants – Toni Toncheva, Krassimir Nenkov, Bozhidar Georgiev


„Town Musicians of Bremen“ by the Brothers Grimm is a story of friendship, growth, courage, and the unification of individual missions in the name of a common cause. And this story begins like this:

Once upon a time there was …

A donkey that preferred singing to carrying bags.

A dog playing a saxophone instead of hunting rabbits.

A cat that, instead of catching mice, was catching the guitar.

And a rooster that did not really like crowing, but was a virtuoso of the drums.

There were dangerous robbers who were following these incredible animals…

And what happens at the end of the story, you will understand after watching the show filled with unexpected adventures, music and songs. A real fun for all young and adult audiences.

Duration: 45 min

Recommended age 5+


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