The Honey Bread, Russia

Puppet Theatre „Maximum“ – Rostov-on-Don, Russia „The Honey Bread“ – Russian folk tale Author and director – Elena Ivanova Participate – Julia Kobets, Rinat Gritzun A short summary of the Russian folk tale „The Bread“. The grandmother baked a hot loaf of bread for the grandfather. The bread escaped into...

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Masha and The Bear, Russia

Russia Moscow District Puppet Theatre – Moscow, Russia „Masha and The Bear“ Author – Viktor Schamberberger Director: Vladimir Gusarov Artist: Elena Bogdanova Music: Pavel Dobrovolov A favourite old Russian fairy tale! The story of the little girl, Masha, who went to the woods for mushrooms and strawberries and got lost....

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Droplets 3

Droplets, Italy

„La Società della Civetta“ – Bologna, Italy „Droplets“ A water performance for children with Tsveti Potchekanska and Guglielmo Papa directed by Guglielmo Papa. There are countries where water is so plentiful that it’s a nuisance. There are countries where there is no water at all… but only stones, sand and...

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Clownade, Italy

Fausto Giori – Italy “Clownade” The atmosphere of the bizarre circus of Demenzio is full of wonder and eccentricity. Tightrope Walker of improvisation, acrobat of illusion, clown and modern charlatan, this crazy and mute showman will make you fluctuate with him in a comic and original show where reality and...

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Script,  design &  direction :  SUDIP GUPTA THE WORLD  WITHIN The luminous water dances in the sunlight. The spectrum embraces every creature. The fun and frolic go on.   The Mama fish and Papa fish peak and run. The family rejoices like they have never done. The angler is now ready...

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Тинка Николова - селекционер


The International Festival of Performances for Children “The Magic Curtain” will turn Targovishte into an arena for theatre magic for the 20th time. In the course of one week, residents of the city will be able to experience very pleasant emotions because I believe that the theatre is children’s best...

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кмет на Търговище

Happy theatre celebration – The Magic Curtain Days!

Dear children, Dear participants, guests and organisers, It is a pleasure for me to welcome you at the XX International Festival for Dramatic Performances for Children „The Magic Curtain“. For two decades the festival deservedly has been defending its place in the cultural life of our town, as well as...

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