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Little Witches



State Puppet Theatre – Varna

Dzani Rodari’s motives

Director: Vera Stoycheva

Scenic design and Costumes: Svila Velichkova

Music: Hristo Namliev

Cast: Krasimir Dobrev, EvgeniyaVasileva, Veselina Kalcheva, Boyan Stoyanov

In each country, in each city, in each residential district, on each street there is at least one strange man, who cannot smile. He does not love eating ice cream, kite running, ball playing, playing with children nor he likes talking with his neighbours. He does not love and… probably that’s why he is grumpy. And eventually, he will stay the same unless one day, little colorful sorceries start to happen in his dull world…

Age: 3 – 8, 45 min.

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