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The Magic Sheep



Municipal Puppet Theatre – Blagoevgrad

by Teodora Manova
Director: Angel Manov
Music: Dimo Stoyanov (group P.I.F.)
Scenic design: Ilian Urumov
Puppets: Dina Kabadieva-Ognyanova
Cast: Desislava Chardaklieva, Atanas Filipov, Gergana Kiryakova Bozidar Halembakov.

Sweaters, hats, scarves and other knitwear are destroyed by holes in strange forms. The Wool Kingdom is going to collapse – courtiers and shamans cannot save it from the attack of moths. They attack the kingdom again and want to steal the Magic sheep, whose wool will bring them immortality.

Age:7-12, 50min.

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