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White Fairy Tale



Drama-Puppet Theatre “Konstantin Velichkov” Pazadrzik

by: Valentin Petrov

Production: Vladislava Dzambazova

Scenic design: Krum Krumov

Music: Vladimir Dzambazov

Cast: Chavdar Bozadziev, Aleksandar Bratoev, Konstantin Kostadinov, Ralitsa Stoyanova, Latina Berovska, Elina Chaneva, Teodora Peeva

An old meteorologist lives high in the mountain, being absolutely lonely, until a small deer knocks with its antlers on the meteorological station’s window. Vancho’s kitten runs from the bag where it is locked up in order to go skiing together. Being cross with Vancho because he pulled at its tail and moustache, the kitten decides to find new friends in the mountain and it meets the deer, the fox, the bear and the magpie. But the true friendship demands forgiveness.

Age:4+, 45min.

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