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„A Hen with a Brooch”

„A Hen with a Brooch” based on the stories by Margarit Minkov

Rhodopi Drama Theatre – Smolyan


Playwright and director – PetarTodorov

Scenography and costumes – Hanna Schwartz

Musical production – Dessislava Mincheva

Monospectacle by Dessislava Mincheva

Once upon a time there lived a colourful and lively hen. One day, while brooding the eggs, under her skirts there appeared not an egg, but a chocolate sweet. Startled, amazed and at a loss, she went to ask for help her true friend the Duck, then she went to the Doctor, finally she even went to the King… Did she find an explanation to this very strange event? Or maybe she experienced the greatest happiness of all – to bring joy and laughter to others?


Rhodopi Drama Theatre „Nikolay Haitov“

Smolyan 4700, Bulgaria Bld

+359 888639923 ; +359 878322306

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