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„Sleepy Princesses in Dreams”

„Sleepy Princesses in Dreams” by Rumen Nikolov

State Puppet Theatre – Yambol

Playwright – Rumen Nikolov

Director – Angel Popov

Scenography and puppets – Nedko Danev

Music – Stoyan Kosev

Music Production – Rafaela Koseva

Cast: Stefka Yancheva, Kalina Barakova, Angelina Ruseva, Tihomir Trifonov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Angel Popov


A tired young father is putting his child to sleep and while telling the kid’s favourite story about dwarves, he suddenly falls asleep when he gets to the 257th dwarf. Then the dwarf comes alive and…? There follows an explosive mixture of magic, fairies and all sorts of fairy-tale frolics…

State Puppet Theatre “G. Mitev” – Yambol

Yambol 8600, 1 George Papazov Str

+359 46/662740, +359 879021600

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