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„Who is Tickling Me?”

„Who is Tickling Me?” by Rumen Nikolov

State Puppet Theatre – Gabrovo

Director – Iliyan Ivanov

Scenography and costumes – NataliaGocheva

Music – Georgi Garchov

Cast: Radostina Andreeva, Velislava Kirilova, Bogdan Bogdanov


There is tickling that makes you laugh, another type that touches you deeply, yet another that stabs you and then is gone… And then there is the tickling that gently caresses your soul and you land in heaven… Hey, so many different types of tickling and we do not know them!

State PuppetTheatre – Gabrovo

Gabrovo5300, 11Sv. Sv. Kiril and Metodii

+359 66809051, +359 878146032, +359 887853505

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