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„Yan Bibiyan Machine”

„Yan Bibiyan Machine” based on the story by Elin Pelin

Theatre “Atelier 313” – Sofia

Adaptation and staging – PetarPashov – junior

Scenography–Dimitar Dimitrov and Petya Dimitrova
Music and presentation -PetarPashov – junior

Cast: Radost Kozhuharova, Stefan Dimitrov/TsvetiPenyashki, Todor Nistorov, Daniel Rusev


The machine rumbles. There is so much fuel. You only have to turn the key… A boy has the key. The machine loves kids. Spoiled, vain, and tyrannical. Hysterical. Allergic to failure. Do not irritate it and always agree with it.

The wheel is turning. The machine is working… The machine is a whimsical and vain artist. Its concert is an apotheosis of the chaos. A true spectacle, theatre, theatre inside the theatre…


Theatre “Atelier 313”

Sofia1330, next to app. house 7, V. D. StoyanovStr

+359 2 483 2009    +359 884175940


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