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„Flight Among Tales“

„Flight Among Tales“ – theatrical dance performance

Youth Theatre „Ion Kreanga“, Bucharest, Romania

Director and Choreographer – Violeta Dinka

Designer and scriptwriter – Andrei Radut

Assistant designer – Roxana Dumitrache

Music – Radu Mihalache

Animations – Magic Mushroom Studio & Andrei Radut

Cast: Emma Constantine, Michael Kokorayu, Mihai Verbichi


Before they fall asleep, two children arereading a volume of fairy tales. Slowly they sink into a magical dream where they are dancing in the rain, swim in ocean and roam in the woods. The imagination is that powerful force that draws them in all sorts of stories, stories that they change and turn into an adventure.


Teatrul Ion Creangă

Harta Sediul Administratival Teatrului Ion Creangă

Str. Gen. Constantin Budișteanunr. 24, sector 1, București

Tel.: +40 21 317 11 69/13

Mobile: +40 720 047 538

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