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„Secret” by Soren Valente Ovesen

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Theater, Turkey

Director: Soren Valente Ovesen

Scenography: Musa Ochad

Costumes: Gisem Karasu

Music: Sus Hauch

Cast: Chagatay Chanta, Shebnem Urtugan, Aishe Sinem Korola, Harun Dagashan, Bashak Yozgyonum


Once upon a time, a hundred years ago, a boy lived with his uncle and aunt. They feared that something bad could happen to him and in their love they afflicted him with this fear. A servant girl – just as oppressed – was his only friend and keeper of his secret. What happened to George and Lila and was the world still hostile and frightening?


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Theater

Mobile: 0090 554 538 2675
Skype: gizemaki

Fb: gizem.kutlu

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