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The magic of imagination

Children are better than us not only when it comes to sensitivity. They are better than us with their imagination. With the belief that a stick can turn into a horse, a useless, according to us – adults, roll of kitchen paper can turn into a man, a balloon can become a spaceship. And everything else that the magic of imagination can create. Then we gradually grow up and the belief disappears, the belief that … Santa Claus exists, that animals can talk, that our birthday is an amazing celebration. We simply become adults, serious, busy and sad. But there is something magical that continues to feed the imagination and this is theatre. In its upside-down world everything is possible again, again what is the most important is the play, again imagination rules. Magic is master, head, and chief! And not just for us – adults who are consciously looking for it and who are consciously aspiring towards it, but mainly for the children for whom it is still part of reality in which love, good and friendship exist side by side without rivalry. So the more quality theatre performances children watch, the longer they have the chance to remain dedicated to its magic, the longer they have the chance to believe that theatre is the result of the rule of imagination. This is the reason why it is important, it is needed to have events such as The Magic Curtain where some attempts, successful or not, are made to present to the adults of the future the remains of our childhood, of our imagination. For what else is the theatre for children if not an attempt to preserve the child inside a bit longer, to believe that we have not grown up so much so as to forget the fun, the games, the magic, the possible and the impossible wonders of imagination.
Vesselina Gyuleva

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