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I WANT TO PLAY, Targovishte

Drama Theatre – Targovishte


Screenplay – Ivan Nedyalkov

Director – Ivan Nedyalkov

Set design –  Galina Abadzhimarinova

Music – Ivan Nedyalkov

Actors – Siyana Yaneva, Margarita Markova, Nikola Shopov, Yordan Lyubomirov, Goritsa Radeva

The place where the clowns find themselves is not the one they wanted to go to. This is a strange place where everything changes constantly, strange events occur and strange objects appear suddenly. Yet clowns have open hearts – just like children – they welcome risks in life. They manage to turn the challenges into advantages of the place and once again make it into a children’s playground for fun and games. Who or what is behind the surprises and misfortunes of the clowns? You will find out if you go bravely along with them to Koni zone.

Duration: 45 minutes

Recommended age: 6-12 years

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