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Festival 2018

From the very beginning of its existence humanity loves to tell and listen to fairytales. About the good, the scary, the beautiful, the extraordinary… Mankind stepped over the threshold of civilization when our imagination started developing and when we expressed in words, dancing, music and gestures the questions, and sometimes even the answers to those questions, about the reasons for the suffering, the hardships, the friendship and love, and about the sources of good and evil. Children are the most sincere in their reaction when they face the topics that people of all ages care about. Childhood is the tuning fork that gives impetus to individual personal development in life. That is why I strongly believe in the great responsibility of the artists towards our young audience and the long-lasting influence of art. The International Festival of Performances for Children “The Magic Curtain” has won its high reputation with its systematic efforts to cultivate good taste and knowledge. My goal is to offer the 19th edition in 2018 not only the newest but also the most comprehensive, compelling and exciting selection of works performed on Bulgarian theatre stages for children and young adults.

Bogdana Kosturkova, Selection Manager

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